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Trionfo is a technology solutions company that empowers better benefits decisions. Whether you’re a carrier, broker, employer, or individual, the Trionfo platform offers the most easy, streamlined, and intuitive way to take control of your dollars, time, and marketplace experience. Our fully-integrated suite of benefit solutions focus on action, leveraging relevant insight and data analysis, to provide the most hassle-free way to buy, sell, manage, and choose benefits packages. Backed by more than 20 years of insurance expertise, and powered by a talented professional team, Trionfo is the pinnacle of better benefits decision-making


With so many carriers, brokers, employers, employees, and technology systems involved in the entire process, the insurance chain and the benefits associated with it present several complexities. The quoting process often takes up to several days and even months. That’s where we come into play.

Trionfo Solutions combines the power of technology and extensive experience in the insurance industry to present a single-source platform that holistically improves insurance distribution and consumption. From rating and selling to buying and renewing policies, we utilize our real-world experience to streamline every process and help you prevail.



  • Consolidate your technology with Trionfo’s single source quote-to-card, billing, BenAdmin and renewal platform.
  • Give your distribution channels the ability to bring more products and workflows into one system
  • Offer employers, employees and individuals technology for BenAdmin, billing and benefits needs
  • Open up new markets by tapping into Trionfo’s distribution channels

Key Partnerships

Trionfo Solutions


  • A holistic platform that brings health and ancillary together in terms of quoting, modeling contributions, onboarding employers, and enrolling employees
  • Consolidate your health and ancillary systems into a single source platform for several processes, ranging from quoting and onboarding to enrollment and billing
  • Get access to nationally recognized carriers within one system.
  • Provide your clients with a consolidated BenAdmin and billing system