Who we are

Our Journey Through the Years – How We Evolved

Trionfo is a technology solutions company that empowers better benefits decisions. Whether you’re a carrier, broker, employer, or individual, the Trionfo platform offers the most easy, streamlined, and intuitive way to take control of your dollars, time, and marketplace experience. Our fully-integrated suite of benefit solutions focus on action, leveraging relevant insight and data analysis, to provide the most hassle-free way to buy, sell, manage, and choose benefits packages. Between our founders, John DiVito, who founded a General Agency that has been in business for 34 years, and Uday Patel, who has over 20 years of experience in IT and software development, Trionfo was built on a foundation of experience and knowledge. We bring simplicity and automation to the distribution of employee benefits, benefits administration and TPA services.

Initial Breakthrough

It was in 2011 that we had our first major breakthrough. A large health carrier inquired if the technology we‘ve built and used internally could help them move data from a BenAdmin system they had recently acquired into their internal administrative systems. The answer was ‘yes,’ and Trionfo Solutions was officially born.

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Steady Growth

As an insurance tech company, Trionfo partners with a diverse pool of health and ancillary carriers, as well as their distribution channels, employers, employees, and individuals. The development of our single-source platform has helped streamline so many processes within the insurance value chain, thereby saving time and making things a lot simpler for our clients.

Where We Are Today

Based out of Itasca, Illinois, we have been serving a diverse pool of commercial entities and individuals across the United States. Our end-to-end benefits platform is built from experience and includes solutions for the small and large group markets, as well as individuals under/over the age of 65. Our platform offers carriers, brokers, employers, and individuals a hassle-free way to buy, sell, manage, and choose benefits packages. Fully-integrated, focused on action steps, and responsive with just-in-time insights, the Trionfo suite of benefit solutions puts you in control of your marketplace experience.

At the heart of Trionfo, you have decision support technology – and, more importantly, a decision support philosophy. The strength of mind or sheer will that pushes past the noise and confusion, and drives a decision. The force that brings an end to ambiguity through successful resolution…through a decision well-made.

Trionfo empowers better benefits decisions.

Trionfo is an Italian word meaning “triumph.” What is a triumph? It’s an accomplishment, an achievement. Quite simply it’s something successfully done – an optimal outcome

Trionfo Solutions


CONFIDENT: We won’t be beat
OUTSPOKEN: We’ll tell you like it is
SELF-ASSURED: We know we’re good
PROUD: We have a healthy ego
CAVALIER: We have swagger

Trionfo Solutions


HARD-WORKING: We deliver
DILIGENT: We never quit
RESULTS-ORIENTED: We focus on the end-game
DEPENDABLE: Our word is our bond
STRAIGHT FORWARD: What you see is what you get

Trionfo Solutions


OPPORTUNISTIC: We grab hold of our chances
STRATEGIC: Our inventiveness is put to good use
ASTUTE: We’re students of the problem
VISIONARY: We anticipate what’s ahead
MOTIVATED: We’re hungry for success

Trionfo Solutions


HUMAN: We have feelings too!
SINCERE: We’re genuine and compassionate
HELPFUL: We want to make it better
PASSIONATE: There’s heart behind our purpose
FRIENDLY: We’re warm and welcoming

Trionfo Solutions


FLEXIBLE: We can adjust
AGILE: Watch us pivot
PERSISTENT: We’re determined to make it work
OPEN: We see endless possibilities
EVOLUTIONARY: We change to fit with the times