What we Do

What do we offer?

A single platform to manage your benefits throughout the
entirety of the benefits life cycle. From a quote to a card,
Trionfo can give a complete solution for all users.

Trionfo Solutions


With over 40+ carriers available on Trionfo’s platform, groups and consumers can create quotes quickly and with confidence. Carriers use the platform to distribute their products. Brokers and employers use the platform to shop for benefits for their clients.

Trionfo Solutions

Decision Tool

Quote to card experience for brokers, employers, and employees. Includes plan comparison, plan description, contribution modeling, employee onboarding, e-signature, Etc.

Trionfo Solutions

Benefits Administration

Enroll and manage the benefits that you have previously quoted and elected in the same system. All can be done in a single environment, from updating benefit and employee info to renewing and managing billing and reconciliation.

Trionfo Solutions


Generates, reconciles, adjusts, and administers bills for complex billing needs. Different types of billing are available depending on group/individual needs.

Trionfo Solutions


Through API, EDI, and Web Services, connections are made to streamline and simplify benefits administration as a whole. Users can create quotes with live rates, integrate with payroll companies for billing, enable single sign-on, manage membership, and so much more.


ACA Reporting

As experts in employee benefits and all the rules and regulations surrounding, we are uniquely prepared to assist employers in the completing of all of their IRC 6055 & IRC 6056 obligations. Let us take the complexity out of ACA reporting, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business. With our ACA Reporting Services, compliance is made easy, accurate, and hassle-free.


Payroll Integrations

Looking to improve how your employee benefits are managed while still leveraging your existing platforms? Integrating your payroll system with a benefit administration platform can offer numerous advantages for both employers and employees - streamlined data management, increased accuracy and compliance and real-time updates are just a few efficiencies gained. Reach out to learn more about how we're connected with some of the largest payroll companies!

ACA Reporting Pricing


the Requirements of the Entire
Insurance Spectrum

Here at Trionfo Solutions, we combine unparalleled technological expertise, creative thinking, and impeccable customer service to consistently deliver results that meet and exceed your expectations. Our holistic single-source platform is designed to cater to the requirements of the entire insurance spectrum.

Our ultimate goal is to streamline and expedite the entire process from start to end by integrating systems and bringing carriers, brokers, employers, and employees together. Scroll down the page to learn more about the Trionfo Solutions platform.

Whether you’re a carrier, broker, employer, or individual, Trionfo is the brand of benefits technology solutions that provides the most empowered benefits decision-making experience.


Proven Track Record

The flawless design of our single-source platform is backed by over 30 years of hands-on experience in the insurance industry. Our technology is capable of streamlining and consolidating all the processes, from quoting and billing to automated renewals, enrollments, and everything in between.

We have progressed by leaps and bounds since our inception in 2011, with several clients opting to partner with us year after year.

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