An Experienced Startup

Trionfo Solutions

Why a long path to something new is a great thing

By definition, a “startup” is something new…just started. However, in the insurance world, this can be problematic. Insurance itself, carriers, brokers, networks, deductibles, etc., etc., etc. is what some might call: complex.

In today’s digital world it makes sense for the slowest evolving industry (insurance) to adopt what continues to make the biggest impact on every industry (technology). Technology has been able to have such a positive and fast impact on everything from medicine to lodging and transportation, why not insurance? The answers is simple: complexity. Not that insurance is hard to understand at a high level, but because it has such a long and winding journey from start to finish.

This complexity is what makes it hard for a lot of startups to truly make an impact on the links that make up the insurance value chain. Before starting Trionfo, we came to the table with over 30 years of experience actually working in the insurance industry. Selling, administering, servicing and connecting all of the pieces of the puzzle from carrier to broker to employer and employee. This deep understanding has helped Trionfo come out of the gates so strong. We are insurance people in the technology business…not technologists trying to break into the insurance industry for the first time.

We may have a little more gray hair than some of the competition…but we feel it is worth it.